INNO Bombarda float

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The many advantages of the INNO-Bombarda, easy attachment, top quality, and unique design which causes almost no snarling of the line. The INNO slogan ” NO TANGLE – JUST FISH” helps the bombarda angler enjoy efficient, inspiring, and enjoyable fishing.

A good user guidance ”INNO MULTIRIG SYSTEM” showing different attachments is included, as the INNO-Bombarda is not only used in bombarda fishing, but also in other efficient rigs for streams and lakes.

The quality and the strength are top-notch as these are not tubes that break easily, but a strong stick (the INNO-STICK) with holes (tensile tested for 20 kg) for attaching the line/Crosslock locks at both ends. This is really smart as you can then easily change the weight or switch to wobbler without having to tie new knots.

INNO is available in two types, the INNO-Bombarda and the INNO- CLICK Bombarda having each their own brilliant characteristics.

The INNO-Bombarda is egg-shaped and its long point is turned towards the lure/fly (see illustrations) and has been tested in many countries as the Bombarda available in the market which causes the least snarling of all.

It maintains retrieval depth even at quick retrieval, whereas others tend to quickly surface. Good for rookies or for those who simply want to always fish without encountering issues.

The INNO-CLICK Bombarda is more aerodynamic and provides for excellent casting, even in headwind. It has the same unique principle with the INNO-Stick; however, it has a small CLICK on the Stick which keeps the body of the Bombarda in place. The CLICK is pressed down to change weight. It floats slightly higher in the water.

Bombarda fishing was developed in Europe. Previously, a Bubble float was used. For the time being, in the USA and in Canada, Bubble Floats, A-Just-Bubble, Buldo Float and Popping Cork are used. With the many advantages of the INNO-Bombarda, you will be able to enjoy much more efficient fishing.