INNO CLICK Slow Intermediat. Transparent.


Technical specifications


Diameter and weight:
19 mm – 16 g
23 mm – 22 g
27 mm – 28 g

Sinking time:
1 m / 8 sek.


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INNO CLICK – Bombarda is the test winner in DK – N – S and D. ” No TANGLE – JUST FISH “. Long distance throw. The INNO CLICK SLOW Intermediate is transparent with small air bubbles so it resembles a little jellyfish that lives in the water.
Sinking speed is 1 metre in 8 seconds.
It is used for smooth, varied reeling-in with many spin stops in all water depths by counting the float down, 1-2-3 seconds, etc. until the required water depth is reached and the varied reeling-in with spin stop begins.
It can also be used as a sinker for a spin fly rig with rig-ring and snap by which a fast switch whereby rapid density change is possible according to current conditions and water level, etc.
For bottom fishing in lakes with soft bottoms, INNO CLICK SLOW Intermediate is especially good as it does not sink down into the soft silt but slowly descends and lies on the silt with the bait visible to the fish. INNO CLICK Slow Intermediate is also good for many forms of rig fishing for herring and flatfish, etc. in salt water. INNO crosslock is important for all INNO-Bombarda

Additional information

Weight and diameter

16 G. Ø 19 MM. 1 M / 8 Sek., 22 G. Ø 23MM. 1 M / 8 Sek., 28 G. Ø 27 MM. 1 M / 8 Sek.