Fishing line and hooks

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Fishing lines – here, we try to find some of very high knot breaking strength, as the leader may snarl when you are Bombarda-fishing.

ULTRA is an extremely strong nylon line at a fair price compared to other makes. INNO is a fluorocarbon line which is invisible under water. It is slightly stiffer than nylon which makes it well-suited to stretch the leader between the Bombarda and the fly, which is important, still at a good price for 100 meters.

The hook is the most important contact with the fish – remember this! For this reason, we only sell two types of top-quality OWNER which fit our lures.

INNO-TFS: Owner ST-36BC-X, sizes 12 and 14.
INNO-Mini tube: Owner ST-36 BC-X, sizes 14 and 16.
INNO-Shrimp: Owner ST-36BC-X, size 12.
INNO-TBH: Owner ST-36BC-X, sizes 14 and 16.
Owner ISEAMA size 10 is suited for all our lures if there are weeds. Or for worms, etc.