INNO Trout Bait Holder

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  • INNO TBH – FLOATING WHITE . INNO Trout Bait Holder System for fastening of trout bait

  • INNO TBH – INTERMEDIAT- CLEAR . INNO Trout Bait Holder System for fastening of trout bait

  • INNO-TBH 3D eye red. 

  • INNO-TBH FLOATING Fittings. To change of specific gravity. 


  • INNO-TBH PIPE Fittings. To the marabou tails or the L-rig with truncated INNO TBH.  2 mm tupe

  • INNO-TBH SINKING Fittings. To change of specific gravity. 

  • INNO-TBH tales 2 st.

  • INNO-TBH the RUBBER Fittings. Hook / knot holder 

  • INNO-TBH. High speed rolling swivels. Size 10.



World sensation INNO-TBH. Fishing using PowerBait/trout bait is popular. You shape it around the hook, so that the hook is ”hidden ” inside the bait. This leads to a lot of misses when spin fishing actively, as the hook does not catch during the split-second of the fish striking.

The INNO-TBH (Trout Bait Holder) efficiently solves this problem. The TBH system is made up of a small ribbed plastic tube around which the bait/PowerBait is shaped as desired.

The line is led through the tube to the hook which is placed at the back end outside the tube and the bait. The hook is freely accessible to the fish. This means that far fewer misses are experienced and you are able to enjoy a hooking rate of up to 90% – normally, it is at 50%. You also save on bait which is not cheap.

This excellent system is available as Floating and Sinking for fishing at different depths. May also be used for fly rods. Easily understood user instructions are included. The TBH may be shortened to the desired length, also for bottom fishing.

This world sensation has been further developed by with the INNO-TBH FORM SPINNER. A green form around which the TBH is covered with maybe two colours of trout bait, or more – the only limit is your imagination. Feel your way.

The bait then rotates like a spinner. There are also beautiful marabou tails for these. The bait lasts much longer than usual, up to as much as a half hour of active fishing, and then you are certain that the trout bait is stuck and does not come off when you cast.