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The fish was only hooked for a few seconds – we have all tried this. Why? Because many angles use hooks that are too big and which only catch the hard mouth of the fish with difficulty.

For this reason, INNO’s fly systems are primarily made for small-hook tackles in which the very small and very pointy quality hooks from Owner can easily catch right at the moment when the fish strikes.

The INNO flies are suited for many species of fish such as trout caught in lakes, sea trout, rainbow trout, char, perch, needlefish, sea bass and many other species of fish, because fish live on the same prey. Shrimp, fish, worms, sand-hoppers, etc. in both fresh and saltwater.

INNO tube flies have become very popular because of their very high hooking rate (90 %), and because you can replace a poor hook. It is also a type of fishing that is gentle on the fish.

We also have good sets of flies in quality fly boxes with both hook flies and tube flies. You can also find a twin pack with everything at an exceedingly good price and accompanied by helpful user instructions.