INNO Bombarda coastal flies. 8×2 pcs. Waterproof quality box. Owner hooks. Fish masks.


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These are the new flies we have made especially for Bombardashop, all the flies with the exception of the brush worms are weighted so that the flies stay down in the water even with fast spinning. The brush worms are not weighed down as they float in the water like the swarms of brush worms in the spring. All the flies are designed, developed and tied in Denmark on quality saltwater hooks from Owner, with Fish-Mask heads with 3d eyes.

INNO-Børsteorm, INNO-Kobberbassen, INNO-Piglet in 2 different colors, INNO-Brenda, INNO-Polar Magnus, INNO-Grå Frede and INNO-Golden Kutling. INNO-Kobberbassen # 8, the remaining flies are # 4 & 6