for the choice of INNO Bombarda and tying

Choice of line and attachment on the wheel

To achieve good hooking, it is very important that the rod points straight towards the bait while reeling in.
The lines increase the cast length by approx. 20%, however, it is important that the reel is filled all the way up to approx. 1 mm from the reel edge, preferably on a large broad reel as in the photo.
A perfect line layup is also of great importance to the cast length as well as on the braking function.
The colour of the line is not insignificant for the performance of the bait: The less visible the line, the less chance there is that the fish will discover the deception. The colour white is definitely the colour the fish sees less of from down below and up towards the water surface. There is scientific evidence for this.
As the leader line for bombarda fishing, the fluorocarbon or nylon is used with good knot strength as there is a risk that knots will occur on the leader line during casting.

White lines on wide and filled reels give a long cast.
Note that small treble hooks and the elastic-release tubefly have the hooking rate of more than 90%.

Pike, perch, sea trout, salmon and rainbow trout

Zander, herring, codfish, salmon, sea trout and rainbow trout

Perch, garfish, rainbow trout and salmon

Plaice, eel, codfish and rainbow trout