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INNOvative Float

  • No tangle in the line when casting
  • Integrated INNO stick
  • Wobbler, fly or lure always move horizontally in the water
  • Keeps to the water depth by spinning fast
  • Very easy to attach

Next generation, Bombarda Float


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NO MORE COLD FINGERS. INNO Insulator insulates against cold from reelseat and gives you more comfortable fishing.

  • Refleksioner på kysten 2022 udgave.


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As a bombarda float angler, you have probably also experienced how efficiently you can fish trout and other species of fish.

Long, precise casts – active and inspiring fishing in waters of various depths. A fantastic way to imitate small bait and flies at various speeds and with many spin stops when reeling in. Ready for a new long cast in another direction to seek out your next fish and the exciting fight with your dream catch.

However, this is not always how things go, because you have probably also experienced snarling of the long leader between the bombarda float and the fly. This was the motivation for developing the INNO-Bombarda. This has now been tested in many countries and found to be the bombarda float causing the least snarling.

The INNO-Bombarda is made up of a body and a stick. The INNO-Stick has eyelets in both ends and not a tube-like all other bombarda floats. An exceedingly simple, ingenious, and a patented system where the line is simply attached to either end. At the top end of the float, at the rod end, is a lock which may be opened to allow for a quick change of weight for your INNO float or a shift to a Wobler/Spinner instead of the float without having to tie new knots.

The INNO floats are available as Floating – Slow Intermediate – Intermediate – Sinking. Their lock system means that you can also easily make up other rigs/set-ups. This is known as the ” INNO MULTIRIG SYSTEM” (See illustrations).

Today, INNO floats are available in two designs, each with their characteristics.

INNO-Bombarda (2014) is egg-shaped and very rarely causes the leader line to snarl – even when used by rookies. This makes sense of the slogan ”NO TANGLE – JUST FISH.”

It retains retrieval depth at quick retrieval (other floats quickly surface) and has excellent casting qualities. If you would like to fish without encountering issues, both by day and by night, you should choose the INNO-Bombarda.

INNO CLICK – Bombarda (2019) is made up of an oblong body and an INNO-CLICK stick with eyelet and lock for a quick change of weight. It is more aerodynamic and thus provides for excellent casting – even in a headwind. It floats slightly higher and lightly in the water. The CLICK on the stick is there to keep the body in place and is pressed down to change weight. If you are a practiced bombarda angler, you should choose this ingenious float.

Many bombarda/bubble anglers worldwide tend to use malleable trout bait/PowerBait as a super-efficient artificial bait, which you shape around the hook so that the hook is hidden inside the bait. This means that the angler experiences a lot of misses when fishing actively because the hook is not accessible, which means you do not get many landings compared to the number of hooks.

With the new world sensation, the INNO-TBH (Trout Bait Holder) from, this problem has now been solved through the use of a small, slightly ribbed plastic tube. The angler shapes the bait around it. The hook is then fixed to the red rubber end outside the bait, freely accessible to the fish.

This ingenious system has been developed with two weights. Floating and Intermediate, as well as with small fittings/Coneheads (black and white) to enable the angler to adjust the fishing depth and speed further and, thus, achieve exciting, active fishing like no-one else.

For this system, an INNO-TBH FORM SPINNER has now been developed, which is a green shape, the inner core/TBH of which is covered by maybe two colours of bait – one on either side – which will rotate in the water like a spinner when reeled in. For this system, colourful marabou tales have also been developed to lure in your dream catch.

”Aaaaaw! That came off – that was a big one” is something all anglers have experienced way too often. The fish was on the hook for seconds. Why does that happen? It is because we fish using hooks that are too big. The hook is the most important contact with the fish, something which Jens Bursell has kept stats on for ten years.

Test anglers have caught thousands of fish using Owner small-hook tackle. Small sizes – 16 to 12 treble hooks with a truly short distance between points and barbs. This small, super-pointy hook thus hooks into the hard mouth of the fish in that quick second when the dream catch hooks.

Tube fly systems/traverse have become extremely popular with small-hook tackles because of the much higher hooking rate of up to 90 %. When using regular hooks, this is 50 %. In other words, you hook nearly twice as many fish. Now, THAT is the way forward.

This is why we have developed the INNO-TFS (Tube Fly System) for the Owner ST-36BC-X hooks. The INNO-TFS are tube flies in total balance. You squeeze the Rapala knot into the red rubber end so that the hook is hanging loosely from the loop. This means that during spin stops, the hook and fly will not slide apart.

Many fly-fishers tie their flies, which is why the INNO-TFS is also available as kits with various tubes and Coneheads to allow you to design your super fly for your dream catch.