Various accessories

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For angling, you need a fair bit of accessories of good quality and preferably at a cheap price.

We have selected the items needed by a Bombarda angler and which will help make fishing easier.

A small, smart bag, the Sling Pack, which does not get in the way when you are fishing is good for bringing accessories and a bite to eat.

A line cutter makes the small lures much easier to handle than with a knife of a pair of scissors.

A hook sharpener is also important to ensure that you are always fishing using sharp hooks. When removing small hooks without doing damage to the fish, Piang/forceps unhooking pliers are essential.

It is always necessary to bring spares of small items such as Lure locks, Float stops, Swivels, Crosslocks, Disgorgers.

It is very smart to use a Pin on Reel to keep tools easily accessible on the outside of your fishing vest, and with these small items you are well-prepared to go fishing.