INNO Tupe Fly System

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The tube fly/traverse system INNO-TFS has become very popular due to the very high hooking rate of up to 90% using small-size hooks of sizes 12-14-16.

Normally, using larger hooks, the hooking rate is 50%. You lose many fish because many fish using hooks that are too big and which do not properly catch the hard mouth of the fish.

The small, sharply pointed hooks with their short distance between points and barbs actually catch the second the fish strikes. Test anglers have shown, over a ten-year period, that using small-hook tackles and OWNER ST-36C X, you nearly double your landings.

The hook is the most important contact with the fish. Another advantage of tube flies is that a poor hook may be replaced and that small hooks are gentle on the fish. INNO-TFS flies are well-balanced and helpful attachment instructions are included.