INNO Go get it 4 Pack. blister. med kroge, perler og svirvler. B2B


Mix pack 4 pcs. in the colors Transparent Red and Clear. Lemon. Gray incl. swivels, beads and Owner Iseama hooks.


Plastic grommet with tungsten head and rubber end to protect line knot.

Supplied complete with 2 pcs. quality hooks OWNER ISEAMA size 8, 4 pcs. pearls and 2 pcs. High Speed Swivel and Instructions for Use, all packed in a blister pack just for hanging on the stand.

Weight 1 Gram.

For Bombard fishing on the coast and Put & Take, as well as fly fishing in flowing water.

Your secret weapon. Made in Denmark.


INNO GO GET IT is your new one gram weapon on the coast or in your Put & Take water after Bombarda or directly on your ultra light spinning equipment. As well as in flowing water on the fly rod.

INNO GO GET IT weighs only one gram and can therefore fish very slowly with small jerks or HIGH SPEED fast with a spin stop on the coast after bombarda. As well as on a fly rod in flowing water where it goes super cheeky, completely different from a fly – Your secret weapon on difficult fish.