INNO CLICK Sinking. Grey.


Technical specifications

In progress

Diameter and weight:
19 mm – 20 g
23 mm – 27 g
27 mm – 35 g

Sinking time:
1 m / 3 sek.


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INNO CLICK – Bombarda is the test winner in DK – N – S and D. ” No TANGLE – JUST FISH “. Long distance throw. The INNO CLICK Sinker is grey and is used for fast action spin angling in all water depths. Sinking speed is 1 metre in 3 seconds. Action fishing is super effective when the water temperature is above 8 degrees and the fish move faster. Count the float down to the required water depth, 1-2 seconds, etc. and begin fast, varied reeling-in with many spin stops; 3-5 turns on the wheel and one second spin stop, etc. Really good method for fishing large areas close to the surface, in mid-water or close to the bottom. The INNO CLICK Sinker is a winner for the active fisherman. For spin fly, bottom and rig fishing the INNO CLICK Sinker can be used in the same way as the INNO CLICK Intermediate. INNO-crosslock is important for all INNO-Bombarda.

Additional information

Weight and diameter

20 G. Ø 19 MM. 1 M / 3 Sek., 27 G. Ø 23 MM. 1 M / 3 Sek., 35 G. Ø 27 MM. 1 M / 3 Sek.